Duo Croquettes with shrimps and cheese

Duo Croquettes with shrimps, mussels and cheese

Duo Croquettes with mussels and cheese

Fondues fromages

Croquettes with shrimps

Extra sweet smoked salmon

Petits gris « snails from Namur in garlic butter

Parma ham with melon (or with raw vegetables)

Tomato stuffed with north Sea Shrimps

Shrimp cocktail

Carpaccio of scared beef with olive oil and parmesan cheese

Prawns "Aquarius" with lobster cream sauce and small vegetables

Prawns with garlic

Prawns with saffron

Devilled prawns (spicy)

Frogs legs with garlic sauce

Home made "Foie Gras" (speciality of the house)

Croquettes with mussels (speciality of the house)


Salade niçoise

Mixed salad (as a dish )

Mixed salad, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, Corn, chicory

Salad with North Sea shrimps


Supplement of jardinière vegetables



Dos de cabillaud sauce mousseline

Sole sur lit de chicons (saison) ou poireaux

Sole meunière or filleted sole

Eel in green herb sauce(spinach,parsley,chervil,sorrel) (speciality of the house)

Linguini aux scampi


Américain préparé (speciality of the house) or Steak "Tartare"


T-Bone steak (for two persons)

T-Bone horse steak ( extra quality - speciality of the house) (2 pers)

Filet of horse steak (speciality of the house)

Pan-fried fillet of beef

Sirloin of horse (nature) (specialty of the house)

Beef entrecote

Beef steak (nature)

Spareribs with honey glaze

Châteaubriand steak (for 2 pers )

Saddle of lamb with vegetables and gratin Dauphinois

Fondue of beef Bourguignonne Bœuf only served on the veranada for 2 pers

Fondue of horse meat Bourguignonne only served on the veranada


Supplement Sauce

Aquarius, Archiduc, Bénaise, Choron, Roquefort, Provençale, Blackwell, Concassé